Ideas that define us

Art is an ideal, practiced through restraint and dedication. We see it as an ongoing effort to peel back the essence of an idea. Through deep study and aspiration we arrive at a design strategy that is ages old. The ideal that’s tried and true, it remains the same: giving expression to our clients – a way of being in the world and marshaling resources efficiently in order to produce an interior that reflects their own lives – and what they wish for most passionately.

The ethos of restraint is surrender – a surrender of obligation as work – to make a scaffold, to create a living piece that not only functions well, but also represents a client to themselves and to others.

We discovered this way of working through years of experience. We found that we can express the ideas of our clients with objects, their selection, and their arrangement. They are our words and are at the core of our design.

So much of what we see in design reveals another way of thinking. Designers establish their own language and their own sensibilities and preferences, and clients go to them specifically for that. We are more interested in he process and dialogue, a deep and sustained conversation that, like a good dinner party, does not know where it will go until it finds its way.

We like to learn about our clients and discover together what we might do to make their home come to life.

One thing we emphasize most: the value of authenticity and the need to parse resources to achieve the greatest degree of authenticity possible. We avoid the generic, the expected, and instead prefer the flavor of lesser known, the peculiar, and the extraordinary. This is how we approach not only the selection of objects, fabrics, lighting, and so on, but also – and very much so – their commingling.